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Wellbeing made easy.

Habits shape our lives in subtle ways, both good and bad. We help you find the small actions that contribute to your wellbeing and bring positive changes to your life.

The interface for a better life.

How does it work?

01 Assess your wellbeing

Start by taking a wellbeing survey to see what things could help you feel better.

02 Define your goals

For example, do you want to sleep better, eat more regularly,
feel better physically?

03 Choose small actions

What can you commit to doing every day? BitHabit suggests small actions that match your goals.

04 Mark the actions

Record your actions in BitHabit and make them permanent habits!

05 Follow the results

By regularly carrying out a wellbeing check, a new survey, you can monitor your progress.

Small actions and big impacts

With BitHabit you can achieve
your goals more easily just
in ways that work for you.

BitHabit - Good habits - good life

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BitHabit today!

Bithabit is a scientifically validated activation programme.
You can try the programme free of charge for 30 days and cancel your subscription at any time.

Try it free for 30 days.

After the trial period, you can continue your subscription for €4.99/month.

Proven to promote wellbeing.

BitHabit offers everyday help and support for holistic wellbeing and its various aspects, as well as for monitoring the results achieved.

BitHabit is a reliable, scientifically credible and secure service that is suitable for all types of people.

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