Proven effective
small actions.

BitHabit is a web application that includes small actions to form healthy habits. It allows you to choose the ones that are right for you and track their completion in the application. The app activates the user by sending reminders for small actions selected by the user and for completing them.

BitHabit was developed during the national StopDia project by THL and the University of Eastern Finland. Wellpro has further developed the app by adding a section on brain load and memory to BitHabit.

BitHabit - Science and research supporting health

From theory to practice.

BitHabit / Small Actions is an app based on habit formation and selfdetermination theory that aims to embed small healthy actions into people’s daily lives so that they become permanent lifestyle habits. The app is the most comprehensive, theory-based and validated healthy habit formation app available in Finnish.

The experts behind BitHabit.

BitHabit is developed by Wellpro, a Finnish health and wellbeing technology company. Our mission is to promote human wellbeing and health in a holistic way, based on science and research.

Our aim is to make the promotion of wellbeing and health easier, more accessible and, above all, more effective for everyone.

We develop, maintain and implement software solutions using smart technology. We specialise in holistic, preventive wellbeing, screening for brain and memory health, mental wellbeing and disease risks, and promoting healthy ageing.