Working life and wellbeing

Wellbeing at work is part of our overall wellbeing and an essential part of the overall workload in the everyday life of a working-age person.

Coping at work

Taking care of the basics, such as getting enough sleep, rest, exercise and regular, healthy eating habits, is essential for staying fit at work. The ability to focus on one thing at a time helps you to cope at work and is also a good measure of your ability to cope. Meaningful work tasks and appropriate workload, limiting screen time, work ergonomics and social relations are basic aspects of wellbeing at work.

The BitHabit screening contains questions related to everyday life from different areas of life. The questions relate to issues that are known to be related to wellbeing at work and general wellbeing. The questionnaire will guide you to pay attention to the issues that are important for your wellbeing at work.

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