Terms of Use

Bithabit - Terms of Use 9.4.2024

1. Service Description and Purpose

Bithabit is a web application that includes small actions related to forming healthy habits and enables their selection and tracking within the application (“App”). The App sends reminders to the user about the selected small actions and their records.

It also assesses the impact of a user’s lifestyle scientifically through a survey within the App. The App sends feedback to the survey respondent based on the user’s provided answers.

The App is maintained by Wellpro Impact Solutions Ltd, Kauppakatu 39, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

The App is solely intended for informational purposes. The App is not a medical device. It does not contain or replace medical or healthcare advice or services,
such as medical examinations, therapeutic activities, or other medical or healthcare services for diagnosing or treating health conditions or illnesses. In case of such needs, users must contact a licensed healthcare professional.

2. Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By registering for the App, the user (“User”) accepts these Terms of Use, commits to complying with them, and confirms that they meet the requirements set forth in Section 3 of the service for the User. The App can only be accessed using the credentials created during registration.

3. Usage Rights

The User must be over 18 years old. The User is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the App
for their personal, non-commercial purposes. Using the App as part of a legal entity’s activities, one’s own service, or for commercial purposes without Wellpro’s written permission or a separate agreement is prohibited.

The User is responsible for their terminal equipment, data transmission, communication costs, and expenses incurred in using the App, as well as any other costs related to the User’s use of the App.

The User may not transfer their right to use the App, username, or password to a third party.

The User undertakes to carefully store and handle their username and password to prevent their disclosure to third parties.

The App, the visual appearance of the App, and the content published in the App, such as images and texts, are the intellectual property of Wellpro, its partners, or third parties and are protected by trademark rights, copyrights, and/or other intellectual property rights. No rights other than those granted in these terms of use are conferred to use the App.

Some of the content in the App is based on the Small Acts library, which is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and is available to everyone at the following address: https://sites.uef.fi/stopdia/materiaalipankki/. Otherwise, the content and instructions in the App are developed by Wellpro. Other content and instructions in the App are protected by intellectual property rights, including international patent applications and trademarks.

4. User Responsibility

The User commits to using the App in accordance with these Terms of Use, legislation, official regulations, and good practices.

The User is liable for any damage caused to the service provider or third parties as a result of the User’s use of the Service that violates these Terms of Use, legislation, official regulations, or good practices.

5. Service Provider's Liability

The User uses the App and its contained instructions entirely at their own risk. Wellpro does not provide any warranties regarding the accuracy, reliability, correctness, security, timeliness, or otherwise of the Service, its instructions, or the information contained therein. The App and its contained instructions and information are provided without any warranties as they are.

Wellpro is not liable for damages resulting from the use of the Service or its unavailability. Wellpro is not liable for indirect damages or costs and expenses incurred by the User from using the App.

6. Processing of Personal Data and Data Privacy

The processing of personal data in the Service is described in the App’s privacy notice.

If you participate in research other than what is described in the privacy notice and the App is used for it, information about the processing of personal data in the research will be provided separately. In such cases, Wellpro acts as the data processor, and the research executor acts as the data controller.

7. About Cookies

Wellpro collects information about the use of our services and the App by our customers. Cookies are used on the App’s websites to make it easier for users to use the sites. Information is collected from the user’s terminal equipment and web browser. The data is used for analytics, and external analytics services are used for interpretation. The information helps us understand which sections of the Apps are being used and which are not.

8. Amendment of Terms of Use

Wellpro has the right to unilaterally amend these Terms of Use. Amendments to the terms come into effect when they are published in the changed form of the App. Any changes to the terms will be prominently displayed in the App for at least two (2) weeks. If the User does not accept the changes, the User must discontinue using the App.

Wellpro may change the content of the App or terminate the App or a part of it without prior notice.

9. Terminating the Usage Rights

When terminating the Usage Rights, Wellpro may unilaterally terminate the User’s usage rights, delete the username, and the data entered by the User in the App.

The User can terminate the use of the App by giving written notice to Wellpro at: info@wellpro.fi.

10. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Any disputes related to the App shall be resolved in the Jyväskylä District Court, Finland. The use of the App and these Terms of Use are governed by Finnish law, excluding its choice of law provisions.