A meaningful life

Mental wellbeing is part of our overall wellbeing throughout our lives.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing includes the ability to cope with adversity, opportunities to influence one’s own life, the ability to feel hopeful and in control of one’s life, to maintain satisfying social relationships and to have a positive perception of oneself and one’s potential. However, having a good mind does not mean that life is free of anxiety, inadequacy and depression. The ability to cope with difficult emotions and adversity in a resilient way is also part of wellbeing. Like looking after your body, looking after your mind and strengthening your own resources is possible through small everyday choices.

The BitHabit screening contains questions related to everyday life from different areas of life. The questions relate to issues that are known to be related to mental wellbeing and general wellbeing. The questionnaire will guide you to pay attention to the things that are important for your mental wellbeing.

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