What is the smallest thing you could do for your health today?

Get started by taking the free wellbeing survey and use the BitHabit app! With BitHabit, you can set goals that are right for you – based on your resources and life situation.

For example, do you want to sleep better, eat more regularly and get enough exercise in your daily life?

BitHabit suggests small actions from over 800 that match your goals. Maybe eat a fruit as a snack or take a 5-minute walk every day. What could you commit to doing every day?

Record your actions in BitHabit and make them permanent habits! Follow your progress and you’ll see how small actions can have big effects. BitHabit makes it easier to achieve your goals in ways that are right for you.

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How well does your current lifestyle support a good life for yourself?

BitHabit screenings include questions related to everyday life from different areas of life. The questions relate to choices that are generally known to be associated with promoting mental wellbeing, memory and health. The surveys will guide you to pay attention to the small things you can do in your everyday life that are important for your wellbeing.

All surveys are completed completely anonymously and no personal data is associated with the information.

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Frequently asked questions

BitHabit is a mobile app and knowledge base, bursting with small everyday actions you can take to improve your wellbeing. It will activate you to live a healthier everyday life. It aims is to guide you towards new, healthy and, above all, lasting new habits through small and very everyday actions. The goal is to take healthy actions into your everyday life a few at a time and keep doing them, so that they become a truly permanent habit.

The app contains more than 800 easy-to-do everyday activities, grouped into different themes. In addition to actions related to nutrition, sleep and exercise, you can choose from a wide range of actions that affect brain load and mental wellbeing.

BitHabit provides information on topics such as eating, exercise, alcohol consumption, smoking, sleep and mental health and wellbeing. The app also provides links to recipes, tips on taking a break, sleep maintenance and templates for relaxation exercises.

You can buy the app from the online store for a monthly fee. We use the internationally renowned Stripe payment intermediation service. The safest way is to use a card payment.

BitHabit screening and monitoring is free to use. Using the BitHabit activation app costs just €4.99/month.

The screening is free and can be done immediately. You will get free monitoring as soon as you activate the service.

You can order the BitHabit app for small everyday actions from our subscription page. You will receive activation instructions immediately after your subscription to the email address you provided.

Once you have answered the questions in the BitHabit screening and received feedback on your answers, there will be a link in the report where you can order BitHabit for your use. When you subscribe, you only need to provide your email and mobile phone number for activation. Within an hour during the day, you will receive an activation link via SMS, which will give you access to the app.

You can cancel your subscription by cancelling via the app or by contacting us at least 2 weeks before the end of the subscription period by sending a message to Customer Service.

Once you have completed the BitHabit survey, the report will give you tips on how to change your lifestyle. On the BitHabit app landing page, under Edit profile and Update goals, you will be asked in which areas you want to improve your lifestyle and choose small everyday actions to promote wellbeing and health. Once you’ve made your choices (1-3 areas), you can now choose your small actions.

We recommend that you choose 2-4 small actions for the first month. When you notice that a small action you’ve chosen has become routine, you can move it into your regular habits. Scientific evidence shows that it takes 3-4 weeks to establish a routine when repeated daily. You can update your goals and choose new small actions. We recommend using BitHabit regularly and choosing new small actions based on your experience.

Issues related to information security are very important. They have been carefully considered in the design and development of the surveys, which do not collect health data. When it comes to health and wellbeing, technology must be safe. We collect as little information on respondents as possible. You do not necessarily have to provide any personal data when you complete an individual survey. If you want to start tracking your progress, you will be asked for your name and contact details (email address and phone number) when you activate the BitHabit app. They are required to use the BitHabit wellbeing app.

No. We don’t ask about your body mass index, your cholesterol levels or your blood pressure. BitHabit
is not
a medical device or diagnostic tool. It is a screening, monitoring and activation app designed for your own use. It aims to use research to identify potential risk factors that may affect your lifestyle, helps you monitor your progress and enables you to take small BitHabit actions to improve your lifestyle in a healthier direction. The app does not collect your health data, but helps you to identify the potential impact of your daily lifestyle on your wellbeing and health. We trust your vision and the way you reflect on your lifestyle. Take control of your own wellbeing.

Yes you can, and this is also recommended. After completing the BitHabit screening, you can activate BitHabit monitoring for free on the report page. After that, you can answer the questions regularly, for example every month. This will allow you to monitor any changes in your wellbeing and also to keep track of any changes in your lifestyle.

There are three different types of BitHabit screenings: brain and memory health, mental wellbeing and coping at work. The surveys include a few background questions and around 25 lifestyle questions. They are commonplace, but well thought out and based on scientific research. For example, the question on sitting doubles the risk of premature death if you sit for at least eight hours a day. The questions cover four areas: mental wellbeing, physical activity, social interaction and life satisfaction – the things that, according to current knowledge, have the biggest impact on our health. The individual screening is anonymous, but by activating the BitHabit app you can start tracking the development of your indices in different areas, even every month.

It only takes time to complete the survey 4-5 minutes. BitHabit is designed to be used easily and safely to monitor the impact of your actions to daily lifestyle.

Absolutely. Once you have responded, you will receive a personalised written report, i.e. an index figure with comments on each component, plus an overall index. The report also includes traffic lights at an index level to guide feedback.

You can also start tracking your progress by activating BitHabit monitoring, which is free. All you need to do is activate the service by entering your email address.

Wellpro and The University of Eastern Finland studied the effectiveness of BitHabit by collecting data on the number of BitHabit app users, the types of actions that are selected from BitHabit, and the types of actions that are potentially permanent. The identity of any user will not be identified and cannot be verified. The data collected will be used to study the effectiveness of the easy-to-use app and how it can be used to motivate people to pay attention to and promote health and well-being.

Yes! You can track your lifestyle changes in the app. You’ll get feedback on your progress and suggestions for situations where you can take new small actions. After you have repeated a particular action 20 times, you will be asked whether the new habit has become permanent or whether it is still worth doing.

If you don’t use the app for a couple of weeks, the app will send you a reminder by email or SMS at a time of your choice.

The index scores for the different areas of the BitHabit screening (mind, movement, self, other) are the average or weighted average of the scores given to the different questions. The same question can be part of a score for several different indices. The BitHabit index of overall wellbeing takes into account scores on questions related to all aspects of lifestyle in the same way. The index figures are based on scientific studies and the theory of the formation of permanent lifestyles.

The app was born in collaboration between behavioural scientists and experts in health behaviour and health sciences. The content is based on scientific theories about how habits are formed and how they change. Bithabit is based on the theory of human self-determination and the formation of permanent lifestyles.

BitHabit is based on several years of scientific research. Once completed and tested, the app was used as a digital lifestyle intervention tool in the StopDia research project for one year. BitHabit is a nationally and internationally validated system. BitHabit does not require a download. The app can be used by anyone with a mobile device and an internet connection.

The University of Eastern Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) developed an application for the large-scale StopDia research project on the prevention of type 2 diabetes. VTT has been responsible for the technical development of the application, while the University of Eastern Finland and THL have been responsible for the content based on scientific research. Wellpro has since developed the content of the app together with researchers from the University of Eastern Finland. Wellpro has complemented the app with small actions related to brain strain, mental well-being and job performance.

The BitHabit screening method is created by Wellpro Impact Solutions Oy, a company specialising in brain health, which was originally born out of research into brain and memory health. The method has Patent pending status.

Together with e.g. Together with researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, the survey has been refined and the set of questions has been expanded to include mental wellbeing and work well-being.

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